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Where to begin?

Thanks for dropping by to check out my work. Most good stories start at the beginning, so here we go. I have a previous blog having to do with getting into a new period, the SYW. I learned a lot about the SYW during that time, but perhaps most surprising, I found that I really […]

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Slap on the Paint

I forgot to mention another great thing about the American War of Independence. It’s almost completely an infantry war. I hate tanks and have never painted a horse and enjoyed it. I have three forces painted for WW2 and nary a tank in them. I think there is less of the rock, paper, scissors dynamic […]

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OK, I’ll do it.

Well, I have given up on designing my own blog to show of the project.   I recently started a web design company for games companies and to be honest, when I have finished working on this stuff, I can’t bare the thought of starting work on my own site for fun.  So as my options […]

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