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Black and White Zombies (2)

I’ve been aquiring Mantic Zombies for a  while now and somehow they never seem to get to the front of the paint queue.  There always seems something I’d rather be doing.  Mostly, they seem  time consuming for something that will appear in hordes and is really never in center stage.  They are impressive due to numbers rather than individual appearance.  Now this goes against my nature to hurry and paint figures, but I realized they were never going to get done unless I did.

I came to this realization about the same time I found this thread.  Such a wonderful effect for such little effort.  I had to try it and these are the results.  It took VERY LITTLE TIME and I like the effect.  Now, to get the other 60 I have in their new paint jobs.

It’s a simple spray paint with cheap Walmart flat white, then a dip in Minwax Tudor color, two coats of cheap Krylon Matte Acrylic spray paint, and basing them with a golden harvest static grass for that dead and decaying look.  I should be able to crank the rest our in a few nights.

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LAM (4) – Her Majesty’s Task Force

I just finished these lads up.  I’m a huge fan of the British figures in the Lead Adventure Miniatures 1881 line.  They are a bit intimidating due to the amount of detail and general awesomeness of the figures.  I’m really happy with the lad with the fury coat, but I’d have like to have chosen a few different colors on the guy with the mechanical arm.  But I think they will be great additions to the team.

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Dogs of War

I found these fantastic minis at Warlord Games in the Ancient Britons range.  I’ve always fancied painting some and the Ancient Britons range fascinates me, but two things have always stopped me from buying any.  1. I don’t have any interest in any of their oppononts, except maybe the Picts but I don’t have enough knowledge of the period to know if they were around at the same times. 2. I don’t have any interest in the period or style of warfare.
So I will use the dogs in my zombie games, because everyone knows dogs aren’t affect by the stuff that turns you into zombies.

I’d like to get a variety of colors for the dogs (I plan to add more) but I have to figure out what other colors are realistic choices.  This color scheme is what modern mastiffs are bred for.  A quick check on wikipedia just now shows I have a few other options.  I was curious how well my meat-fisted attempt at the “masking” of the eyes, snout, and ears would turn out, but I’m pretty happy with it.

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LAM London Bobbies

I didn’t plan to paint these lads so early in the VSF world, but due to an order mix-up I became the proud owner of them.  They really grew on me from the start.  My original plan for my VSF forces involves defending Britain from Zombies and fighting Prussian spies, so the muscle is going to be Artizan Bobbies with guns.  That left me with a dilemma, what to do with these pseudo coppers?  I came up with some sort of liaison from the military to work with the VSF special forces lads.

I’ve read about the Zulus wars extensively, so I had to go with green cuffs and collars for the 24th of course.  I struggled with the helmet color though, white (foriegn service), black (home service), or tea stained (practical field alteration of white hat)?  In the end I went with white  to keep the model bright and cheery.  The cords to the LAM VSF weapons and tools is typcially painted red and blue, so I altered the colors a  bit, and even considered a green cord for a while.

Hope you like ’em.

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Lead Adventure Miniatures – Guns with many barrels

This was my second lot of LAM figures and I found them even easier to paint than the first set, they have much larger areas to paint and still wear the fantastic top hats that I’ve come to love.

Not much to comment on, I followed the LAM paint schemes for the most part with just a few brighter colors subbed in.

Great models and lots of fun to paint.  Should lend some firepower to and VSF team.

These lads are on the way soon.

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Lead Adventure Miniatures – Bonnie and Clyde

I’ve had these folks for about six months now and have been looking forward painting them for even longer.   At first I was intimidated by the level of detail in the sculpts but it didn’t turn out to be daunting at all.  In fact, it seemed a perfect level of detail and with some careful color choices, it was quite easy to paint them.  I used the LAM website as my guide for the colors and it turned out quite well.  If I had it to do over again, I might have gone with a green for the Bonnie’s dress, but I like it anyhow.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get a decent in focus picture of Bonnie.

These guys represent my first foray into 28mm VSF and I’m glad to start it.  At first they will fight zombies using Akula’s AR:SE rules and eventually I plan to have some dastardly Prussians and possibly Turks for them to fight with Flying Lead.  We’ll see where it goes, but the first priority is FUN really and these guys are definitely fun to paint.



These are also the first ever metal miniatures I have based on slotta bases.  I like the rounded 30mm bases as these will be centerpiece figures, they will never be in a unit really. Each is an individual.


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New Project: VSF vs. Alien Invasion with Zombie Rules

I’ve been waiting a long time for a package to arrive recently and that has brought a long time reading message boards/blogs and surfing miniature companies. This has lead me to expand the number of sources that I read on a regular basis. One of the new additions to the daily check is the Lead Adventures forum. I have been a staunch TMP reader and contributor for quite some time, but finding Lead Adventures has been a real eye opener. It is what TMP could be if photos were allowed (come to the 21st century with the rest of us) the posters were generally friendly rather than grumpy. What a revelation it’s been, the sheer amount of eye candy and inspiration that it’s brought to me is fantastic.

OK, this lead me to the Lead Adventure miniatures line, which is VSF and Post-Apocalyptic. I have been looking for an excuse to get into 28mm and VSF for some time, and “BLAM” here it is. I have ordered a couple of blisters of the VSF stuff and am awaiting it’s arrival.

Through the LAF, I have also discovered a simple little set of Zombie Survivor rules called Akula’s AR:SE that seem fantastic. They are simple and allow solo play almost without any modification. So, score. But I’m not really a zombie guy, hmmm….

If not zombies, then who? Well, I’ve been eying the Zombismith Grey Aliens for even longer than VSF. So, why not have the zombies created by aliens? So problem settled then.

So, this will be a small side project to the current F&IW project. I have some pretty modest goals with it. There are a few things left to settle though. Do I use zombies? I have a thread started where I’m seeking advice and there are some great options there. One of the things that I do know is that I will be replacing the zombie hordes, large slow moving masses of zombies that can’t be destroyed but spawn zombies, with flying saucers. I have already purchased a cool little model kit for these.

So this one looks to be a lot of fun and no research. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably find a way to do some research somehow.

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Maximillian Ready For Play

I started this guy a while ago, but became discouraged as I assembled him, then quickly dropped it twice. The second time loosing the newly repaired arm into a dark unknown corner of my basement where I prime models. He sat for at least three weeks while I looked at him once in a while and tried to figure out what my next move was. Then it dawned on me.

I have been experimenting with adding parts to models to make them more “steam-y” lately. I have some small brass rods that I might be able to fashion into a multi-barrel weapon suitable for this model. But how to make it fit with the rest of the model. A long, long while ago I bought some green stuff (two part self curing resin) as I always read about it on others blogs but had never tried it. I never really had a need, but thought it might be handy to have around. I was pretty hand with a sculpting tool in college, not good enough to get a job doing it mind, but better than the average Joe. This seemed like the perfect job for trying my hand at creating something with green stuff.

I first snipped four short lengths of brass rod, glued two side by side with super glue. The glued two more directly on top of those two, so I had four barrels in a square shape. I then broke off some greenstuff and worked it in my fingers, then formed it around one end of the rods and squared it off on the table top for a blocky shoulder piece. Once it cured, I pinned it to the model and waited. Once dry, another coat of primer and I was ready to paint the bugger. I think it came out alright. You can see the arm I manufactured on the left here, circled in red. You can see the model in it’s original form with the very cool, but now missing, gun arm at the older post.

I’ve taken some more photos and a few with my newly minted Prussian foot sloggers for some scale. I really like this model and will most likey get another one or two some day.

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Flag Bearer Conversion

The British troops last carried a standard into battle at Laing’s Nek, and therefore the Baccus range doesn’t have any colonial Brits with flags. I like flags with my troops dammit, and my Brits will be carrying one on Mars.

So, I took a marching pose trooper and cut off the rifle, drilled out (with a dremmel) what I couldn’t cut and placed a straightened paper clip in it’s place. I was also careful to drill a spot in the base to stick the paper clip for added stability.

Then I created my own little standard for a unit on the Martian Establishment, by replacing the ring of thistles with Mars in the center. I also used the regimental colors for a unit with red, white or black facings and put the large St. George’s Cross on it, but with a green field.

As the stand will really serve as a musician in Toofatlardies rules, I also added a bugler to the stand.