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Finished Steam Tanks

I finally finished the steam tanks.  I hemmed and hawed about what color to paint them for a while.  I’m not at all happy with the color, but here they are.   I’ve also made sure they have some 6mm figs in there for scale.

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Big Robots and Little Men

I really wanted some big fantastical robots for my VSF project. They will really fill the role of tanks for the Prussians, but finding something appropriate in 6mm is NOT easy. I have toyed with making my own for some time, but I’m not really good at that. So, after about a year of looking, […]

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…or Steam Powered Mechanical Troops I’ve been wanting to do these guys for a long, long time. I bought them many months ago, but struggled over how to paint them for a long time. Almost as much as I struggled over what to name them. I started a thread on TMP to get some ideas, […]

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6mm Steam Tanks

I have had these little guys sitting around for a while now as I’m not big on conversions. I finally finished my SYW project and have had enough of re-basing, and am waiting to get my game table put up due to a mess in the way. I don’t think I could avoid it any […]

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Prussian Steam Robots?

I have been wanting to try these guys since I first saw something similar on Rot and Drivel. It has just taken me a while as I wanted to finish my SYW armies before experimenting. The time has come for experimenting. These are a little off from my usual track as they have no basis […]

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Natal Mounted Police in 6mm

Natal Mounted Police or Martian Mounted Police I have wanted to paint this unit for some time, and after finding the Through the Mud and the Blood rules by Toofatlardies, I felt I finally found a rule set that would justify painting them. They will do double duty in Africa and on Mars. These lads […]

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Boer Wars/VSF Through the Mud and the Blood Test Models

I have been trying to find a good set of rules for the Boer Wars for years. I looked for so long that I finally gave up. For about the past year I have been interested in finding a passable skirmish game that I might like. See, I have been painting so many strips of […]

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Stick with the Red Coats

As I near completion of my Saratoga Campaign project, I have been getting itchy feet for a new period.  I will not abandon AWI, but would like to expand my painting to cover two periods at once.  I don’t really fancy going back to 7YW yet as it still fills the same niche for me […]

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