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Black and White Zombies (2)

I’ve been aquiring Mantic Zombies for a  while now and somehow they never seem to get to the front of the paint queue.  There always seems something I’d rather be doing.  Mostly, they seem  time consuming for something that will appear in hordes and is really never in center stage.  They are impressive due to […]

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Dogs of War

I found these fantastic minis at Warlord Games in the Ancient Britons range.  I’ve always fancied painting some and the Ancient Britons range fascinates me, but two things have always stopped me from buying any.  1. I don’t have any interest in any of their oppononts, except maybe the Picts but I don’t have enough […]

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Mantic Zombies (1)

  I’ve been plugging away at these for a bit and I’ve shown a few here and there over the past few months.  I own ninety of them at the moment and I hope the grow the number even further as I get towards the winter months.  I’ll leave the reviews to other blogs that […]

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Dead of Winter Test Models

I’m getting close to wrapping up my current FIW project (well the close to finishing the beginning anyway) and that’s got me itching to try something different for me.  Something that doesn’t require historical accuracy.  I’ve also wanted to try some zombies for a while now, inspired by Akula’s Rules: Skirmish Edition.  I wanted to […]

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Neo-Sovs and Zombies WIP

I have been dying to start this new project for a while now and the near wrap up (2 months away) of my FIW extravaganza is around the corner.  These are my first test models for a “The Dead of Winter”. Some Copplestone Neo-Sovs that will serve as the troops of The People’s Free City […]

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